Sep 17, 2017
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Theme Development with Sage – Download ebook

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Build well organized & easily maintained WordPress themes using a modern web development workflow.

A step-by-step guide to setting up a custom Sage starter theme.

What is Sage?

Sage was originally called Roots and initially released in early 2011. The theme has evolved a lot over the years and has gone through
several major changes. I originally created Roots when I was working at a website factory and had to pump out several new
themes every day. I’ve worked with several agencies and created countless WordPress sites.
Sage is not a theme framework, it is a starter theme. You should rarely need to update it and you shouldn’t create child themes from
it. Being a starter theme, Sage is meant to be used as a starting point on a new project.
The Roots team and community sustain the development of the theme. Contributions are welcome from everyone.

Sage can be implemented on any sort of WordPress installation independent of Bedrock or Trellis (our other major projects) since it
is just a theme. Sage combines:
• Asset/dependency management
• Optimization
• Template inheritance

Theme Development with Sage – Download ebook

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