Feb 23, 2018
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Create Your Own Social Bookmarking Site With WordPress

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Do you want you own Social bookmarking website like digg or Reddit? You can make it in WordPress.


What are the functions of social bookmarking site?

  1. Front end posting
  2. Post voting

1. Front end posting

You need to make it as simple as possible for people to submit content to your site. This means front end posting: allowing your readers to contribute to your blog without having access to your dashboard.

This can be best achieved with Gravity Forms the popular plugin for WordPress. There are other plugins for Front end submission but i prefer gravity forms.

2. Post voting

The second ingredient in your social bookmarking experiment is post voting functionality. You need to give your readers the ability to rate content on your site.

Add social bookmarking plugins to your WordPress siteThe Post Voting Plugin from WPMU DEV adds a sleek ‘thumbs up/thumbs down’ voting button to your blog posts.

You can also add a ‘top voted articles’ widget to your WordPress site, which allows readers to see the most popular content, as chosen by your audience.

On the back end, you can view a range of voting statistics and see how different posts have fared in the long term.

Get content and get votes – that’s really all you need to create your own little piece of the social bookmarking movement.

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